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Modular Platform For Electric Quadricycles

The modular platform is meant as a base for any light electric vehicle, to be completed with a bodywork, homologated as any type of  qudricycle and series manufactured. Due to its modular concept, the platform can provide different vehicle wheelbases and tracks and offer different suspension and electric drive solutions. In relation to the chosen configuration, the PMQE can be used as a base for many possible types of bodywork, for persons and goods light transport. An “open source” project that reduces the time to market and costs for the production of electric quadricycles. The PMQE  is including :

  • Structural modules (main frame, rear, sub-frames)
  • Suspension – brakes – wheels – steering modules
  • Electric drive modules (motor, inverter-controller, accessories)
  • Lithium battery pack and BMS modules
  • Interface elements for the vehicle bodywork implementation

Modular Platform For Electric Quadricycles Picchio, Road cars The final manufacturer is free to complete the vehicle by choosing: – The bodywork upper structure and panels – The interior panels and accessories – The generic (12 V), electric equipment (lighting, dashboard, electric  accessories ) Choosing the PMQE as a vehicle base, the quadricycle (L6e or L7e) road homologation is substantially facilitated. Besides the platform (as manufactured product or as project rights), Picchio is offering its assistance for the integrated body design, vehicle prototyping and homologation.

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