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The essence of Sondergard car lies in the modern reinterpretation of a classic concept,  still appreciated by many fans of light weight sports cars , in which the stylistic research merges with the rules of racing. Sondergard super car This sports car, however, is not just a replica, but a car with its own identity, a return to simplicity that ignites a passion for sporty driving. In Sondergard, the  technical solutions, inherited  from the world of car racing, offer fun, satisfaction and security to the most demanding drivers. The distribution of the car body volumes,  combined to the position of the wheels create a unique visual impact. Two gullwing doors facilitate access on board, why not for a winter track-day. The aptitude for a racing and road use during any season, in fact, is the added value of this sports car. The power to weight ratio up to 426 HP/ton allows to achieve high performance with acceleration from 0-100 km/h  in less than 4 seconds. Sondergard is therefore a true performance sports car, essential but at the same time reliable and made with attention to details, offering both, on the track, a dynamic driving to the purists and on the road an engaging  expert experience. The project was conceived and initiated by  Sondergard & HBH and managed by Torben Hartvig,  Denmark. Consecutively , the car passed in Picchio, where now is under a careful process of revision, completion and development.

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