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Homologation of street vehicles (in compliance with the European Standards)
Vehicle families eligible for homologation:

  1. M1 passenger cars (cars with max. 1-to-8 seats), based on the 2007/46/EC European Directive about cars for mass production, limited production or unique specimen production;
  2. Three/four wheeled vehicles (L5e, L6e, L7e) based on the 2002/24/EC European Directive.

Our service

  • We provide all the necessary technical documentation;
  • information sheet (text and graphics);
  • we put together all administrative documents concerning homologation and we send them to the Ministry of Transport (Italian or European) chosen by the customer;
  • we offer our assistance at the buyer’s premises to guarantee “Production Conformity” (COP).
  • we prepare vehicles subject to homologation tests;
  • we perform preliminary and official tests (supervised by the inspector of the relevant Ministry) both at our premises and at specialized and approved laboratories;
  • when legally possible, instead of making tests, we provide alternative documents concerning virtual simulations.