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The Picchio adventure started at the end of the 80ies with a group of friends who shared a passion: “Making vintage cars’ replicas, this was our idea. So we put together our know-how as engineers, building surveyors and mechanics to build our first car: the replica of a Morgan with a motorbike engine.” (Francesco Di Pietrantonio, President of Picchio).

The move from vintage cars to sports supercars was quickly done, also thanks to the cooperation of a special person like Mr. Giotto Bizzarrini. He was the man who designed the first Picchio prototype. That was back in 1989.

Bizzarrini prova il primo prototipo Picchio.

In 1996 the company decided to start an industrial programme and the facility that is the current headquarter of the company was built.

In 1998 the first model entirely designed and built at Picchio came out on a race.

In 2002, the SR2 model was launched in the US and won the Grand Am Championship. At that time, the Grand-Am team were developing a set of regulations for a new class of cars: the Daytona Prototype. This category was completely new and open to all builders, so it was a very interesting challenge from a strategic point of view, and the company knew that they could meet this challenge.

La prima DP2 alla partenza per gli Stati Uniti.