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A value-added sponsorship

Coppa Nissena 2009

Why implementing a sponsorship strategy with an automotive factory? Because sport is associated to a number of important values that are strongly felt both by sports fans and a by broader audience.

SUCCESSO – Success is undoubtedly the value that is instinctively associated to sport and represents the target of the efforts of every sportsman. Victory can drag the audience and build customer loyalty, as people identify with the driver’s deeds.

POWER -  Power, combined with a clever track strategy, is an essential element and it is strongly appreciated by people, whose emotions are stirred when watching the performances of their favourite sportsmen.

SPEED – It’s certainly an essential component to compete at a high level, it’s one of the features that allow a driver to make a radical change. Motorsports is by definition the sport that requires this ability.

TECHNOLOGY – Technology and sport stick together in motorsports, and the two elements cannot stand without research and development.

All these elements, together with a strong emotional component, make motorsports an absolutely universal sport that is followed by all social classes, and therefore it is a very effective medium to increase the fame of brands and the appeal of products presented in the advertisements associated with the sports event. And this is another piece of evidence to prove that every form of advertisement reaches its target when the medium are sport events having a very powerful impact in a strongly empathetic scenario.