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Stages and Thesis

We strongly believe in young people at Picchio. We therefore welcome students for training courses, in-house stages, preparation of final dissertations, etc.

We learnt from experience that a stage/apprenticeship is truly useful only when the work of students is actually useful to the company. So we are providing hereunder a list of study subjects (divided into several fields) that can be developed during your experience with us (the list is updated every two months).

·         Design of a steering wheel for a racing street car with housing for airbag;
·         Design of a competition steering wheel (with built-in instruments);
·         Design of a seat for a race car;
·         Design of a shift lever and knob.
·         Study of an articulated arm with 3 degrees of freedom for the positioning of sensors or injectors of tracers in the test room.
·         Study of the trimming tab/nolder parameters on a wing contour.
·         Study of a new type of airbox.
·         Design of a testing bench and its instruments for the study of airboxes under fluxing conditions with a known flow rate.
·         Study of the influence of a roll bar on the rear aerodynamics.
·         Project of more efficient ride adjustment systems
·         Design of tools to read the ride parameters on a race car.
·         Modeling of contractive suspensions.
·         Study for the enhancement of the wheel base-track ratio.
·         Study of the joint-drive shaft assembly to enhance the driveline.
·         Methods for sensitivity analysis on suspension adjustmenst.
·         Designing of new suspension components.
·         Study on the potential application of polymer/elastomer-based materials for the making of racing suspensions.
·         Research for the mathematical modelling of tires’ behaviour.
·         Set up of a roller dampening unit in a single shock-absorber system.
·         Research on small refrigeration systems for mass reduction enhancement.
·         Permeability study on radiating masses.
·         Experimental analysis and designing of very thick radiating pack radiators for race cars.
·         Research of simplified algorithms for combustion analysis on endothermic engines.
·         Study of low energy consumption lubricating systems.
·         Mass enhancement on lubricating systems.
·         Design of a testing bench and its instruments for the study of load losses on air filters.
Auxiliary services:
·         Enhancement of the transmission activation system by means of cables.
Innovative materials and production processes:
·         R & D on the use of strengthening foams.
·         Development of innovative methods to design low-cost frames.
·         Fast production of items in composite materials.
·         Decay modes on automotive components in composite materials.
·         Alternative electrical energy generating systems in race cars.
·         Study of an integrated generator-starter system for race cars.
·         Systems for electrical energy accumulation and recovery in race cars.
Information technology:
·         Development of a servicing and breakdown prevention platform for a race car.
·         Study and making of a graphic interface to enter data in the pre-processing stage of a fluid-dynamics simulator.
·         Study and implementation of graphical methods to view 3d scientific data.
·         Methods for the telemetry analysis by means of regression curves and parameter identification.
·         Mathematical/engineering modelling of crash resistant structures
·         Analysis of commercial networks within the European countries.
·         Analysis of commercial networks within the Eastern countries.
·         Analysis of commercial networks within the Arabic countries.
·         Analysis of commercial networks within Australia.
·         Analysis of commercial networks within the Northern American countries.
·         Analysis of commercial networks within the Southern American countries.
Information technology:
·         Design and production of a Picchio coordinated layout.
·         Creation of a promotional video about the factory’s activity.
Experimental final dissertations in laboratory:
·         Designing, interface making and execution of dynamic tests on race cars’ suspension systems by means of a hydraulic suspension testing bench.
·         Design and scale modelling for the study of a hydrodynamic water tank with a fully immersed model.
·         Switching control systems for suspensions testing bench.
·         Implementation and realization of a campaign of experimental tests to be performed on race cars by means of roller test benches, aimed to study the torque and power curves searching for the potential for improvement.

It is possible to accept only students with a proven institutional position (i.e. students conventions with universities and institutions that can make their working position regular within the company). No wage of any kind will be provided, not even under the form of repayment of fees.

Data, drawings, calculations or information belonging to Picchio are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed without the written authorization of the company.

Depending on the interest connected with the studies carried out at its premises, Picchio has the unappealable faculty to fund the construction of the studied prototypes.

Picchio uses the 3d Pro/Engineer designing software. For this reason, all projects MUST be carried out using this software. If students do not have the required knowledge of this programme, they will devote the first hours of their stage to the knowledge of this tool.

Picchio reserves the unappealable right to select and develop the projects that are technically more interesting.

Picchio will accept a number of students compatible with the availability of room and tools within the company.

To apply for a stage, please send the following to the e-mail address stage@picchio.com:

  1. your CV;
  2. the list of exams taken at university;
  3. a portfolio of your works (if applicable).