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Charging Infrastructures

Battery swap is the ultimate solution to the limited range of electric cars.

Any other type of recharging, traditional columns or superchargers still take too long for the expectations and habits of motorists accustomed to filling up with fuel.

The station can recharge any type and size of cars and batteries as long as the vehicles (new or retrofitted) are equipped with the Picchio’s device.
The station does not employ significant electrical power, can be connected to photovoltaic systems, and can be a storage point for bidirectional energy exchanges for “smart cities” – type applications.

Technical features of the battery swap device:

Swapping elevation relative to the ground 
0 m
 Burying excavation dimensions 
 8.00 x 4.000 x 1.20 m
 Height above ground (min/max) 
 1,20 / 10,00 m
 Maximum vehicles/hour 
 30 n°
 Electrical power consumption (min/max)
 80/500 kW
 Single battery pack capacity (max) 
 100 kW
 Battery pack storage (min/max)
 4/28 n°
 Battery swap Time (min/max)
 1’36/4’00  1'

Video Demo Prototype

Video Demo Rendering

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