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Road Prototypes

Activities carried out for own account or on behalf of third parties.

Designed and prototyped different vehicles, from thermal to electric. Small, medium, large.
Even the platform of an industrial electric vehicle.


Historic prototype built and designed by engineer Giotto Bizzarrini with possible dual set-up (road and racing). 4-cylinder 2000 turbo engine derived from the Delta Integrale developed and mapped on the dyno personally by the aforementioned engineer Giotto Bizzarrini.
Prefiguration and muse of Picchio cars from the beginning of time to the present day.


Essential vehicle prototype, 2-seater coupe, 2 gull-wing doors, racing finish, suitable for both street and demanding track day use.
Particularly favorable power-to-weight ratio.
Installable engines from inline 4-cylinders to V8s with power from 250 up to 450 hp.


Light electric quadricycle (L6e) two seats, three doors, large trunk.
Particularly small exterior dimensions. Comfortable and very spacious interior. Driveable from 14 years of age.


Electric quadricycle (L7e), drivable by age 16, optimized for city use. Two seats plus trunk, three doors.


GT ultra-sporty, BMW 5000 cm3 V8 engine, derived directly from the Daytona Prototype – Red Bull. Peak performance. Maximum driving pleasure. Knife-opening doors.


Studies, prototypes and research are available for two types of platforms: light and medium.
The light is particularly suitable for electric vehicles that can be approved as heavy quadricycles. The platform is modular and can support different wheelbase and track sizes. The top is independent of the platform bases so that it can adapt to different body shapes.
The medium is particularly designed to keep weight down (the frame is totally aluminum) and to ensure good torsional rigidity. The overlapping triangle suspension scheme is high performance.


Hyper “analog” 12-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, mechanical transmission, full carbon chassis.
Materials, workmanship, cutting-edge technical solutions. Performance and driving pleasure at the highest level.
Style strictly made in Italy. Ultra-limited run.


Two-seater boat derived from the SR2. Engine and gearbox of the customer’s choice. Timeless line and style. Chassis, carbon-paneled trellis. Maximum driving pleasure and exciting performance.

Third-party orders:


Elegant electric quadricycle (L7e), 3 doors, 4 seats.

Third-party orders:


Innovative electric heavy quadricycle (L7e) that provides, on a standard platform, various configurations for transporting people and/or goods. Photovoltaic panels placed on the bodywork.
Project commissioned by Sonita Srl, Cuneo, Italy.

Third-party orders:

Electric Sedan for Chinese Customer

4-seater, 4-door electric vehicle, all-aluminum platform. Double overlapping triangle suspension at front and rear. Autonomy over 450 km.

Third-party orders:

Piattaforma Camion

Platform for medium-light industrial vehicle (up to 4000 kg total mass) suitable to be variously bodied.

Third-party orders:


Confidential images
Recreational vehicle, electric quadricycle L7e, doorless, two-seater box body integrated into the body style.

Third-party orders:

KK5 (work in progress)

Confidential images
Electric vehicle suitable for hardcore off-roading. 4 seats, 4 separate seats, over 400 km range, intelligent four-wheel drive

Third-party orders:


Confidential imagesConfidential images
Sports electric SUV. 5-door, 5-seater. Amazing performance in electric. 4-wheel drive with relative torque vectoring. Carbon fiber chassis and body. Air suspension. 22″ wheels.

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